Curious George Cookie Cutter Set Cutters Birthday Party Cake Gift Cookies


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You are currently looking at a Curious George Cookie Cutter. This cookie cutter set is also good to be used as a fondant cutter for birthday party cake or cakes.

Please message us for custom orders.

Every cookie cutter set is made printed by a Top-of-the-line 3d printer. They are manufactured from BPA FREE Plastic.

Cookie cutter is pink, but the color can be made to order.

This item is dishwasher safe. Top rack only, please.

The 3 inch size is pictured. The other sizes are similar proportions.

All cookie cutters will be shipped with USPS.

For the highest level of detail in the cookies, its highly important to keep the cookie batter thin. 1/4 inches is best, the thinner the cookie, the less time it takes to spread and bake.Also, eliminating the baking powder will help eliminate the rise in the cookies and help eliminate spreading and loss of detail. When mixing the sugar and butter in the beginning of the recipe called creaming, it is pretty important to not mix it too long as overdoing it will cause excess air to be incorporated.

When using the stamp, ensure to use the stamper before the cutter. This will provide for the highest level of detail in the final cookie.

A complete page of helpful tips and instructions comes with each order.

We design cutters and stamps because this enables you to modify the thickness of the cookie dough the way you want, and gives you better control of the stamper (Achieve higher level of detail in the cookie).


If you would like us to design a custom cookie cutter, check out our Custom Cookie Cutter Design Service.

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3 Inches, 4 Inches, 5 Inches


Pink, Blue


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