Superhero Cookie Cutters

If you were looking for Superhero Cookie Cutters, you’ve found the best place on the web to find them! We have all sorts of superhero cutters like various POW, BAM, ZONK, and Wham! cookie cutters and various characters from the Marvel Comics collection, like Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and various superheros and their nemeses. Get a Superhero cookie cutter today and delight the Comic Book and Superhero fans out there at Superman or Spiderman themed birthday parties or other superhero themed events. These cookie cutters can be used to lay down lines ontop of the cookie that can easily be colored with the help of some colored frosting so you can create the next delectable Mona Lisa that no superhero fan can turn down. Warning: These cookies may cause weakness in adoring fans like it’s Kryptonite.

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