Sesame Street Beaker Cookie Cutter Stamp Set Pink BPA FREE

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You are currently looking at a Sesame Street Beaker Cookie Cutter.

Please email us for cookie cutters made to order.

All cookie cutters are manufactured by a quality 3d printer. They are manufactured from BPA FREE Plastic. Handwash only, please.

Cookie cutters are pink, but the color can be made to order.

The 3 in. size is pictured. Other sizes are similar proportions.

All orders will be shipped with the US Postal Service.

For the most detail in the cookies, its important to keep the cookie dough thin. 1/4 inches is best, the thinner the cookie, the less time it takes to bake and spread. removing the baking powder will assist in minimizing the rise in the cookies and reduce spreading and loss of detail. When mixing the butter and sugar in the first part of the recipe known as creaming, it is also very important to not mix it too long as overdoing it will cause too much air to be incorporated.

When utilizing the stamper, please make sure to use the stamper before the cookie cutter. This will provide for the best detail in the final cookie.

A complete page of instructions and helpful tips comes with each and every order.

We design stamps and cutters because this helps you to change the thickness of the cookie the way that best suits you, and provides you greater control of the stamper (Makes for exquisite detail in the final cookie).

Here are some more detailed tips and tricks on reducing cookie spreading and minimizing loss of detail with the Sesame Street Beaker Cookie Cutter.

1. Chill the Dough:

Once you have made the dough and not agitating it at a minimum of 60 minutes, Using the Sesame Street Beaker Cookie Cutter, press out the cookies you want with the cookie cutter and shove them in the refridgerator at a minimum of 60 minutes previous to sticking them in the oven. Regarding re-rolling dough scraps – I have noticed the initial cookie batter which has not been been used multiple time, expands at a minimum. Im wondering might it have to do with the gluten in the flour being overworked.

2. Baking Powder:

whatever cookbook instruction you are utilizing, do not use baking powder with the cookie dough. I used to remove it completely exclusively for highly exquisite designs, now I omit it everytime.

3. Parchment Paper:

Cover your cookie sheet with wax paper instead of applying any amount of fat and/or oil. Baked goods appear like they expand more on buttery/greasy slippery areas.

4. Oven Temperature:

Check to make sure your oven really is at the right temperature by using a thermometer suitable for ovens. In the case ones oven is not high enough in temperature, the finished baked goods dont quickly enough bake, and the cookies have more time to spread. Also looking inside ones oven to observe the stage of baking the cookies are in, will cause a loss of temperature and affect cookie spreadage.

5. Butter:

Speaking of liquid, the amount of water in the butter you buy shall dramatically affect the spreading factor. As to finding out which products have minimal H20, I only try out competing butters to figure out the creme de la creme. I have not found any indication on packaging mentioning percent of water. In my experiences less expensive butter is, more water there seems to be. Shall not speak of margarine or alternative forms of butter (sorry!), as I do not bake cookies with any other fat than butter.

6. Baking Sheets:

I might like my shimmering parchment paper, it appears that baking a cookie on substantial parchment paper seem to spread less .

7. Cookie Thickness:

How substantial is the cookie you make? More substantial they are, the longer it takes for the heat in your oven to help the cookies set, and the greater amount of time to lose detail. Mine vary depending on how thick I feel like making them, but in general, they are about 3/4 cm – 1cm thick. If one prefers a more substantial one, try raising the temperature of ones baking appliance a couple degrees. Each oven and recipe are not the same, so try out different settings and see what works best.

8. Incorporating Too Much Air:

Cautious one should be in mixing the sugar and butter excessively (Normally the initial part of a recipe called creaming). Overmixing the butter and sugar shall cause excessive amounts of air to be integrated. Normally I stir them all together right upto the point they are combined.

9. Correct Measurements:

Making cookies is akin to a scientific discipline… In case ones measuring is off it can change the whole recipe when making use of the Sesame Street Beaker Cookie Cutter. Take for instance, too much sugar changes your dough. Canesugar(sugar) becomes liquid when melted and more liquid causes spreading. You can’t avoid having some sugar after all, cookies are the topic of discussion.


If you would like us to design a custom cookie cutter, check out our Custom Cookie Cutter Design Service.

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3 Inches, 4 Inches, 5 Inches


Pink, Blue, Black, White

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    Fast shipping. Item as described.

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    Cute item. Haven’t used yet but can’t wait to!

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    I love cookie cutters and these are awesome!

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    My wife is a baker and we love your cookie cutters!!

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